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Dental Implant Specialist Calgary: The Importance of Choosing an Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon for Dental Implants

These surgeons replace missing teeth with dental implants

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants in Calgary have become a popular option, thanks to their natural look and feel, and the availability of experienced professionals in the area.

Dental implants have emerged as a revolutionary solution for individuals looking to restore their smile, speech, and the ability to enjoy food with confidence.

However, the success of dental implant surgery and the longevity of the implant itself significantly depend on the expertise of the oral and maxillofacial surgeon performing the procedure.


Why Choose an Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon?

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Oral maxillofacial surgeons undergo extensive training beyond dental school, specializing in the complex structures of the face, mouth, and jaw.

This additional training equips them with the expertise to place all types of implants successfully and manage any potential complications that may arise.

For patients with medical conditions or those who require the replacement of multiple teeth, an oral surgeon offers a level of proficiency and safety that general dentists may not provide.


The Training Difference

Oral surgeons spend years in residency programs focusing on facial surgery, gaining hands-on experience in dental implant procedures, bone grafts, and gum surgery.

This advanced education ensures they are well-versed in dealing with the intricate aspects of implant therapy, such as ensuring the implant integrates properly with the jaw bone and managing the health of the gum tissue around the implant site.


Managing Complications

The placement of dental implants involves a surgical procedure that requires precision and an in-depth understanding of oral anatomy. It’s crucial to prevent gum disease (peri-implantitis) to avoid complications such as bone loss and implant failure.

Oral surgeons are trained to anticipate, identify, and address complications such as infections, nerve damage, and implant failure. Their expertise in procedures like bone grafts allows them to prepare the implant site adequately, even in patients who have experienced bone loss, ensuring the implant has a strong foundation for success.


The Benefits of Dental Implants

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Dental services, including a variety of treatments such as cosmetic and sedative dental services, dental implants, gum surgery, and comprehensive dental services for the whole family, offer numerous advantages over traditional dentures or bridges.

Among these services, dental implants provide a durable, stable base for replacement teeth, which are designed to look, feel, and function like natural teeth. This level of integration with the body’s structure helps in preserving the jawbone and surrounding teeth, preventing the bone loss and shifting that often accompany tooth loss.


A Closer Look at Dental Implants

A dental implant is a titanium post surgically placed into the jawbone beneath the gum line, acting as a substitute for the root of a missing tooth. This post provides excellent support for artificial teeth, including crowns, bridges, and dentures.

Because dental implants fuse to the jawbone, they offer a permanent solution to tooth loss, providing patients with a secure and long-lasting option for replacing missing teeth. Mini dental implants are also an option for areas with less space, but they are not suitable for heavy load-bearing areas.


Implants vs. Dentures

While dentures have been a traditional solution for missing teeth, they often come with challenges, including discomfort, difficulty eating certain foods, and the potential for bone loss in the jaw.

Dental implants eliminate many of these issues, offering improved comfort, no risk of slipping, and the stimulation needed to maintain jawbone integrity. Designed to mimic the appearance and functionality of a natural tooth, implants can support dentures, providing a more secure and comfortable fit.


Choosing the Right Dental Implant Specialist in Calgary

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When considering dental implants, it’s crucial to select the right dental specialist. A dental implant specialist in Calgary with a background in oral and maxillofacial surgery provides the knowledge and experience necessary for a successful implant procedure.

Patients should look for a specialist who not only has the requisite training but also a proven track record of successful implant surgeries.


What to Expect During the Dental Implant Procedure

The process of getting a dental implant involves several steps, including an initial consultation, the surgical placement of the implant, a period of healing, and the attachment of the replacement tooth or teeth.

Throughout this process, an oral surgeon will ensure that you are a good candidate for the procedure, taking into account factors like overall health, adequate bone density, and good oral hygiene practices.


Patient Experience and Expectations During the Dental Implant Process

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Undergoing dental implant surgery is a significant decision for patients, and understanding what to expect in terms of discomfort, duration, and post-operative care is essential for a positive experience.


Initially, patients may experience some degree of discomfort and swelling, which is normal following any surgical procedure. This discomfort can generally be managed effectively with medications prescribed by the oral surgeon.


The overall timeline for the dental implant process varies depending on individual patient factors, including the need for preparatory procedures such as bone grafts and the healing capacity of the patient’s body. The surgical placement of the implant itself is a relatively quick procedure, often completed within one to two hours.


However, the implant must then integrate with the jawbone, a process known as osseointegration, which typically takes several months. During this period, patients may wear a temporary denture or bridge.


Following the integration phase, an additional minor surgery may be required to place the abutment—the piece to which the crown will eventually be attached. Thereafter, once the soft tissue has healed, which usually takes a few weeks, the artificial tooth (crown) will be fitted.


Throughout this process, communication with the oral surgeon is crucial. Patients should expect several follow-up visits to monitor the implant’s integration and healing. By adhering to the oral hygiene instructions provided by the specialist and attending all follow-up appointments, patients can significantly contribute to the success of their dental implant, ultimately achieving a functional and aesthetic restoration of their smile.

Book Your Dental Implants Consultation With Sunridge Oral Surgery in Calgary

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For those in Calgary looking to replace missing teeth, dental implants offer a promising solution. However, the success of this treatment significantly depends on the expertise of the dental professional performing the procedure. You should seek the care of a dental implant specialist in Calgary.

Oral maxillofacial surgeons, like the ones here at Sunridge Oral Surgery, with their specialized training in implant surgery and the management of complications, stand out as the preferred choice for anyone considering dental implants.

Choosing an oral surgeon ensures that patients receive the highest standard of care, maximizing the chances of a successful outcome. If you are exploring the option of dental implants to restore your smile and self-confidence, consulting with a dental implant specialist in Calgary is the first step towards achieving the optimal results for your oral health.


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